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Adding a dog to your family entails a lifelong commitment.

If you are not prepared to make that commitment you shouldn't be thinking about getting a dog!!

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There are NO SIZE VARIETIES in the Australian Shepherd breed even though there has been a rise in the movement to breed miniature and toy "versions" of the Australian Shepherd.  

The so-called Miniature Australian Shepherd and Toy Australian Shepherd are NOT recognized by any of the LEGITIMATE purebred dog registries (AKC, CKC, ASCA, UKC, FCI).

We do not support the purposeful breeding of these dogs - nor will we sell a dog to anyone who does!!

Aussies are a docked breed.
Dewclaws put a dog at risk of serious injury!

To learn the FACTS about docking and dewclaw removal click below to visti:
If you want an Aussie with a tail &/or dewclaws look elsewhere.

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