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Pronounced Ahl-KER-ah our name in Oceanian Mythology literally means ‘dream time’ - the  primordial timeless dream that existed before the world... 


We are a small and select kennel.  

Our Aussies are full time house dogs and companions so calm and tractable temperaments are very important...

Our focus is Conformation because that's what we like to do ~ we have neither the time nor the interest to participate in any of the performance sports.

But we do always keep in mind the working nature of the Australian Shepherd, and strive to produce good looking dogs that also have the ability to perform.

We do not believe that a dog needs to be ugly and/or impossible to live with to be a good working dog or a lifelong companion!  

Our feeling is that if a breeding is worth doing it should be done because the breeder wants a dog to keep from that particular cross, not just to produce puppies to sell!

So while we are committed to keeping something from every litter we produce as a next step in our long term goals, and for that reason have very few litters, our litters are bred and reared to ensure that those individuals that are available will be stellar, lifelong companions... 


Norty photo credit Robin Mulligan

Our goal is to consistently produce dogs of correct type ~ dogs that have good temperaments ~ dogs  that are beautiful, intelligent, biddable and sane!

Our 3 "A Team" girls and their visiting sisters out for a run...

We invite you to browse our site and meet our dogs whether you're looking for a thoughtfully bred and carefully reared lifetime companion or a show prospect with a stellar pedigree....


(Click here to read the Standard for the Australian Shepherd)

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